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What I Know For Sure


I know what it means to be in a language prison.  I know how frustrating it is to talk and not communicate.  I know how words can both hurt and heal.
I know how greatly disempowering is not to know
your words shape your reality. 

And I also know
you can overcome anything
if you understand words.

Words and Bridges

Hi, I am Biljana Karamehmedovic and I love words and bridges.

All my life, I admired and loved bridges. Those connecting two sides of the river, spanning the valleys, witnessing times, people, humanity.

Little did I know that life would bring me into situations to be a live bridge for my countrymen, my students, coaching clients, and my higher self above all.

A bridge built from words and meanings behind them.

War and Leaps of Faith


The war in the 90’s tore my country of Yugoslavia, more specifically Croatia and Bosnia completely apart. The very fabric of all the life and living we knew was changed fundamentally. The killing of our people, our dreams and hopes was devastating. I knew that I had to get out of there. I knew that I had to take my daughter far away from bombings, famine and a nonexistent future.

After spending many hours during the day and every night in the bomb shelter on the concrete floor, I would dream, pray, and thank God that my four year old daughter and I had made it to the shelter to be safe. Even though worries for my other loved ones never ceased, I dreamed.

I dreamed of a peaceful place to raise our daughter, grow old with my husband, and laugh with friends. I dreamed of a place under the sun, a place conducive to healing, to do meaningful work in peace while supporting my family and myself in the process.

I dreamed of again and again loving, laughing and sharing abundance of food and joy with my most loved ones at mom’s kitchen table, being nourished on all levels by her food and love.

And then in my biggest leap of faith, as a war refugee, I came to the USA with my husband and young daughter to start a new life. 

We made that leap without resources, without connections, without any proof that such an idea of living in such a far and foreign country was really that great. To top it all – we did it without understanding or speaking a word of the new language…

Power of Words


In this leap, I became, more than ever before, aware of the WORDS, their meaning, their energy, their importance in both outer and, even more so, our inner communication. I became aware of their power to keep you in the “language prison” even though you “speak the language,”. Yes, I invented that term – “language prison” to describe the feeling of limitation when unable to verbally communicate in the same language.

Words have infinite power to make you or break you in the most unexpected ways.

Right from the beginning of figuring it all out, I started bridging a communication gap between the English-speaking providers and non-English speaking refugees from my former country. I was learning the new language fast and placing myself as a communication bridge connecting speakers of the different languages and with that, different worlds.

In that moment when I became that bridge, I realized I had found my purpose.

I am a Bridge. I am forever anchored in two different worlds, two sides of the river of life.

My one anchor is passion, love and support in my heart.

The other anchor is my mind, my words and their meanings.

Communication Gap Within


While for over twenty years focusing on bridging the communication gap between people speaking different languages, I discovered in a shocking realization that the biggest and deepest communication gap is within and between people’s own hearts and minds

Most people, and I was one of those, do not understand how their mind works. Why? Oftentimes, it is because that channel got shot down early in life making the gap go deeper and grow wider as we grow older.

In order to be successful on any level in any field, the first and foremost communication to be understood is a communication within Self.

Yet we are most afraid of the things communicated in our own heads.

Why? Because we do not know we are creating them.

We don’t know how to stop them. We don’t know how to have a better one.

I am here to tell you it is possible to break your inner language prison, learn the language of successful creation and take it to the fantastic quality no matter how that communication sounds right now.


Passion, Art and Gift


As a personal holistic transformation coach and trainer, I know that my diverse background and experiences play crucial role in supporting life changing leaps of my clients!

What I do best is to help them bridge their present into what they want it to be.

My passion is to empower high achievers entrepreneurs and professionals from all walks of life.

My mission is to inspire and help directly and indirectly a million people to:

~ elevate their conversations with self and others

~ live their most desired results and dreams,

~ make their lives and the world better for all.


In addition to coaching, I authored eBooks You Are So Much More than Just an Interpreter and Leap into Knowledge that Heals, and co-authored the international bestseller Superwoman Myths – Break Your Silence and Speak UP Your Truth. I created and published Messages in Purple – A Journal for Those Who Dare, all available on Amazon or through personal request.

When I am not working with my amazing coaching clients, speaking or teaching classes, you can find me reading, studying or writing, besides enjoying time with my family and friends.

You can easily reach me by emailing directly
or filling up the contact form on my website 

Let’s work together, take Leaps and create Magic in your life and the world.

Dr. B.
Your Success Leap & Leadership Mentor

P.S. Why me? … Why not?

It’s your time to shine. It’s your time to take action.

Here’s why to chose me to be your guide and mentor:

My practical knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience allow me to serve my clients on the highest level. My skills are built (and continuously worked on) through my over three decades of studying and learning from the world-class mentors, thought leaders and master teachers in human health, psychology, physiology, emotions, conscious language, potential and performance, divinity, prosperity, and self-development.

Through direct mentoring and coaching with them, their numerous seminars, books, and programs, I continue to grow both personally and professionally.

Besides love, enthusiasm, and empathy, my superpowers are problem-solving, critical and creative thinking. One of my highest gifts is the ability to explain complex concepts in a way that produces understanding. What this means to you is the transformation or heart-mind shifts are set to take place. Those shifts or reframes are necessary for the new paradigms, habits and increased productivity and performance to occur within you.

“Down to Earth” simple straightforwardness in the most loving way makes the process joyful and one of a kind.  Let’s delve into what I can help you with.
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