Left Brained Hippie

Shelsey Jarvis is an Emotional Freedom Coach with Left-Brained Hippie. She teaches and coaches thousands of women entrepreneurs on creating happiness in their life and business.
Her first book on emotional freedom and release is due out late 2018.
In addition to online appearances, she also speaks to live audiences.
Want to free yourself from negative emotion? Join her free Facebook group for exclusive content to help you feel emotionally aligned: leftbrainedhippies.com

Visual Magic + Inner Alchemy

Mellie Rose is a real life creative intuitive Unicorn. She is UNIQUE unicorn.  Hence: UNIQUORN!

She captures and expresses in a visual way YOUR MAGIC. HER MAGIC. Whether she is tuning into and creating soul-aligned branding and graphics and a website, or whether she is channeling specific quantum frequencies into a piece of art to support YOU. The art, the design – EVERYTHING she creates is a portal to self-empowerment, transformation and healing to touch your true potential and to activate and express your own inner creative essence – which she likes to call  Your Uniquorn (unique + unicorn if it’s not obvious 🙂

Turn Your Expertise into Freedom

Erica Blair, at such young age, had translated her background in branding and marketing into a highly profitable coaching and consulting brand that has allowed her to travel the world (being digital nomad) while working on her own time and terms.

Now she helps other skilled professionals plan out how to launch their own independent brands as coaches, consultants, trainers, authors, and speakers who get noticed for the tremendous value they provide to others.

Watch to learn what is most important in the process of turning your expertise into freedom.

Find Your Wild

Suzanne Zephyr Blake is passionate about contributing to creativity, adventure, healing and wild connection in the world.

She integrates her background of entrepreneurial business and team-building with her experiential studies in meditation, yoga, dance, and biophilia. Her sessions and programs bring individuals and groups closer to their highest purpose in this lifetime, in alignment with all.


Stephanie Scheller is a young yet accomplished entrepreneur who had worked with over 600 businesses and thousands of individuals on their sales and marketing systems in the past five years.

She is a TED speaker, a Forbes 30 under 30 nominee, a two times best-selling author, a coach and a trainer dedicated to teaching the same skills that allowed her to build a business from scratch and walk away from her job in less than five months.

The Knowing / Spoznaja

Elvisa is a Bosnian/American trained SI – strategic intervention coach, speaker and breakthrough expert.
Elvisa je Bosanka/Amerikanka trenirana SI – Strateška Intervencijska [trener] savjetnica, govornica i stručnjakinja za prodor u osobnom razvoju.

She travels 
the world to deliver her empowerment training. Her most recent visits have been to Canada, where she worked with young professionals, to China to work with Ariel’s Empowerment Camp, and to Bosnia to promote her book Spoznaja [The Knowing].
Putuje po svijetu pružajući svoj trening osnaživanja. Njene su nedavne posjete bile Kanadi – gdje je radila s mladim profesionalcima; Kini – da radi sa Ariel’s Empowerment Camp, i Bosni da promovira svoju prvu knjigu Spoznaja.

Her mission is to enable her clients to find a clear purpose in their life, release the power within them, reach their goals and fulfill their lifelong dreams. She is committed to providing high-quality life coaching, to enable her clients to reach a better and more fulfilled level of life.
Njena je misija da osposobi svoje klijente da nađu jasnu svrhu u svom životu, oslobode snagu u sebi, postignu svoje ciljeve i ispune svoje cijeloživotne snove. Odana je pružanju visoko-kvalitetnog životng treninga da osposobi svoje klijente da dostignu bolji i ispunjeniji nivo života.

Merry Christmas / Čestit Božić

To You,
Tebi,As I am about to take this couple of days to celebrate and be merry with my family and friends around the world, I want you to know – you are included.
Kako uzimam ovih par dana da proslavim i budem sretna sa obitelji i prijateljima širom svijeta, želim da znaš – i ti si uključen/a .

Whatever way, whenever and wherever we met, you have a place in my heart. And I carry you with me wherever I go, whatever I do.
Na koji god način, bilo kad i bilo gdje da smo se upoznali, ti imaš mjesto u mom srcu. I nosim te sa sobom gdje god da idem i što god da radim.

I am of a firm belief that we all come into each other’s lives for a reason, even though we may not know what exactly that reason is right away. Even though it may for a long time be a potential only. Yet it’s here. You are here. And that counts.
Čvrstog sam uvjerenja da se u životima jedni drugih pojavljujemo s razlogom, čak i ako ne znamo odmah koji je to razlog. Čak i ako je dugo vremena to samo potencijal. Ipak je ovdje. Ti si ovdje. I to se broji.

You count and I celebrate You. I celebrate the Consciousness that connects us all. I celebrate the hearts resonating in it and with it. I celebrate the Magic of Light where all things are possible and amplified in eternity.
Ti se brojiš i slavim te. Slavim Svijest koja nas povezuje. Slavim srca koja odjekuju u njoj i s njom. Slavim Čaroliju Svijetla u kojoj je sve moguće i pojačano u beskonačnosti.

May the Magic of Light and Christ Consciousness, in yours and the lives of those you love, amplify Joy, Love, and Peace that passes all understanding, these holy days and always.
Neka ti Čarolija Svijetla i Svijest Krista, u tvom i životima onih koje voliš, uveća Radost, Ljubav i Mir koji prelaze svako razumijevanje, ovih blagdanskih dana i uvijek.

From my heart to yours.
Iz mog srca tvome.


P.S. One of the greatest joys of my life is to inspire humans to be their best, highest, and their all they came here to be. One of the ways I do it is through my Daily Messages In Purple. It’s like every day is a holiday. Allow yourself that gift by clicking on the button below and subscribing. I thank you, with love. And if you are already subscribed, thank you even more. 🙂 
P.S. Jedna od najvećih radosti mog života je inspirirati ljude da budu najbolje što mogu, da budu sve što su došli ovdje da budu. Jedan od načina na koje to činim je kroz moje Dnevne Poruke u Ljubičastom. To je kao da je svaki dan blagdan. Dozvoli sebi taj poklon pritiskom na dugme ispod i upiši se. Zahvaljujem ti, s ljubavlju. I ako već jesi upisan/a, hvala još više. 🙂 

Inspire Me Purple



In Awe And Gratitude

~~~Written on Thanksgiving Eve, 11/22/2017~~~

On this Thanksgiving Eve, I am in awe and gratitude knowing we breathe simultaneously in this expression of life, time, and space, and we are connected through that same breath in here and now.

When I focus on here and now, all I see is love and beauty in a breath, in a blink of an eye, in a heartbeat… and eternity in the smile that follows, smile silently melting the boundaries between worlds seen and unseen. And yet again, I am in love…

I am in love with life, and grateful that my life is richer by you being in it.

Thank you. Thank you for who you are, for what you do, for the ways we see each other.

May the Loving grace your every breath, every blink of an eye, may the Gratitude assume the throne in your heart each and every day of your life.


Healing The Relationship With Money

Mary Knebel is a certified Money Breakthrough Coach, a Money Intuitive, and the founder of www.Moneypreneurs.com. She is known as the Moneypreneur, because she helps strong, spiritual businesswomen take control of their money to take control of their lives. She shows women how to transform their {dysfunctional} relationships with money so they can create lives of financial freedom, fun, and fulfillment from anywhere in the world. She is highly intuitive and combines both practical and spiritual tools to quickly get to the heart of what is holding you back, often breaking through life long patterns in a single session.

You Are a Vortex of Love

I was born into real poverty – real to the point of the one-room wooden abode with a dirt floor, straw bed and the amazing young mother not having anything else to use as a diaper but her nightgown, which she properly tore into several diapers-like-pieces to use.

I was born into hunger. That same young mother often going hungry working in the fields all day long for a piece of bread and handful of lard.

I was born into loneliness. The young father in the story was away for almost full first three years of my life – on mandatory military service.

Life took away so many loved ones including my first brother…
and had brought me to my knees many, many times in life from that very start.

Life had made me for a long time not understand and be mad at God… Until in one of those down on my knees moments, I realized the God and abundance I was born into.

I was born from and into Love, and the Love made me survive, and the Love brought me my three brothers, and the Love brought me my husband and the child of my own, and the children of my brothers and sisters in law, and so many other family and friends in Love.

That Love, that infinite vortex of Love made me always have a home, something to eat, and people too, so to never be alone.

Seeing easily into an abundance of Love I live in today, I know I had it in me from the very beginning.

So do You. You are born out of and into Love, born out of life loving you, into the life loving you, regardless of how it may look from outside.

When you know how to look, you find Love in every breath, every thought, every word and everything you go through.

You find out You are the vortex of the infinite Love, You are the Love manifesting itself.

And today, if you worry about your job, your bills, your loved ones – please remember to look inside and see the Love in your heart.

Then breathe even more Love into it till you fully understand – you are safe, you are loved, you are the never alone Love itself.

And with Love all things are possible.


P.S. If you ever would love help in taking that leap and journey inside and to the next level in your life, message me for a private conversation about the ways I can and would love to help you.