Burned out? Misunderstood?

Underappreciated or not appreciated at all?

Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Missing out on all the joys of life?

Not in Love with the way You live, love, earn?  

Something got to change and not sure what and how?

I see You…

and I am inviting you to…


Imagine living your life the way you see it in your most perfect version. The one you call Your

Dream Life.

Imagine doing your business or work or art in a way that its expression simply flows from you while attracting what supports you, making the impact and difference you intended.

Imagine your relationships rich with all the goodness of human love.

Imagine the world with the utmost gift of making it happen.

Such a world already exists. And it is within your and anyone else’s reach and possibility.

You think it is not true?

What makes it seem impossible? What keeps it away? What will bring it to you?

The answer is:

Your word.

With Your Words – You Create Your Worlds.

And all the tools you need are within you. Tools ready to be utilized to the fullest.

I am here to help, to guide, to support and teach you how to tap into your unlimited potential and successfully use those tools to consciously create results you want.


Do you dare to Leap?

Do You Dare To Leap?

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Mastering the Mindset and Strategies to Leap into Results.

Mastering the Energy and Emotions to Access Your Infinite Potential.

Mastering Vision Immersion Planning and Mapping Your Leap.

Watch and learn from these powerful elevated conversations and success stories accessible on demand. 


Still unsure what will work for you? Let’s talk and find out what we can do together to get you to results you seek the most.

Biljana’s leadership ability goes far and above the call of duty. Moreover, her ability to think outside of the box and to ask insightful questions is second to none! It speaks volumes for her capabilities that as we both progressed in different places at different locations throughout our careers, we stayed in touch. Biljana has exceptional listening skills and provides practical guidance as a coach. She is also a thoughtful and interesting friend and colleague. I highly recommend her to individuals wishing to make their dreams a reality.
Dr. Alex Ledgister, Texas

I highly recommend Biljana to anyone she works with or councils because of her integrity, reliability and the cheerful can do spirit she epitomizes with every task she undertakes.
Dr. Paul Blake, N.D.

Dr. B has helped me to uplevel my mindset and to break through barriers in my business. Working with Dr. B has made me aware of how the language I use affects my outcomes. Dr. B is supportive and loving. She always challenges me to go just a little further then I think I can. She helped me to dig deep into the root causes and not just analyze the symptoms of the problem. It has been with her help that I am finding courage and strength to step into my true power. I am truly grateful for the time I have spent with her.
TLY, Canada

It was such a privilege being coached by Dr. Biljana Karamehmedovic. I came to her feeling very lost and unsure of both myself and my goals. I felt stuck and didn’t know what to do next in my life after graduating college. Our coaching sessions helped me focus on who I wanted to be and what I wanted to accomplish. Once I had this vision, Biljana helped me ingrain it so deeply in my mind until it became my reality. I had a new way of thinking and clear, focused goals to work towards. The skills and techniques I learned are invaluable and I find myself using them in all aspects of my life. Biljana’s genuine passion, empathy, and knowledge were essential to my personal success.
A. M., California

I’m so very grateful to you – because of you I am now a much more positive person and each day I strive to become more and more positive in my thinking!  So a million thanks, I feel privileged to have met you and shared in your classroom experience!
D.J., Texas

I want to thank you for all the different doors you opened for me. Starting with the class itself if it weren’t for your great teaching I wouldn’t feel prepared ‎to take assignments so soon. I also want to thank you for the ebook which has given me instruction to help change the bad habits that would drain my whole family from the energy we need.  
A.V., Texas

I have taken other’s training courses on this topic and nothing compares to the excellence in the presentation and materials covered in class. 
E. D., Texas

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